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Retirement Home Program

What is Big House K9's Retirement- Home Program?

A Retirement Home is an excellent way to have a top-quality health tested adult dog as a family pet. We want all of our retired breeding dogs to be raised in caring loving homes as family pets for the remainder of their lives. We believe that all of our breeding dogs have a purpose even after their breeding career and that is to change lives. As a BD4U Retirement Home you agree to raise, train, and care for the retired dog for the remainder of his/her life.

Our retired breeding dogs deserve to have the best life possible so we are very picky where our retired breeding dogs go. 

Get The Details!

So, what does the retirement package include for your senior companion? It includes a seasoned cuddly buddy who excels at belly rubs, along with all the necessary dog equipment to kickstart your shared adventure. And the crucial element? We'll include a copy of our agreement, just in case your retiree becomes a bit daring and requires some friendly reminders. But remember, let's keep it lighthearted – this is the enjoyable part!

Submit your application now for your forthcoming four-legged companion!



Welcome to the Contract Section of Big House K9's Retirement Program! This is where all the legal magic happens. Our contracts are like a well-trained dog - they may look intimidating at first, but they're here to make sure everyone's tails are wagging in harmony. Our commitment to providing top-notch retirement services for your four-legged friends is as strong as a Goldendoodles love for treats. So, take a deep breath, review the terms, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – we are more eager to assist than a Golden Retriever chasing a tennis ball. Let's make sure your furry family members enjoy their golden years with a whole lot of belly rubs and minimal paperwork-induced stress!


Cost & What's Included?

Welcome to the "Cost and What's Included" section of Big House K9's Breeding Dog Retirement Program – because even our fur-ends deserve a posh retirement plan! Our pricing is as transparent as a clear sky, and you'll be pleased to know that our rates won't bite. Your retiree can look forward to a pawsome retirement. So, rest assured, your beloved pup will be living the good life without barking up a financial storm. Join us and let's make your furry friend's retirement the lap of luxury they've always dreamt of!


What's Included?


•Vaccine Record

• Registered Microchip

• Copy of all completed Health Testing (OFA's & Genetic Panel)
• AKC Papers (if applicable)
• Spay/Neuter
• 3 Day supply of Paw Tree- Whitefish
• 3 Day supply of NuVet supplements
• Leash
• Toy/Bone



Welcome to the retirement program application for Big House K9, where even our four-legged friends deserve a well-earned rest from their dogged careers! Our application process is as smooth as a freshly groomed coat. Just remember, no need to bark up the wrong tree – we've got your pup's golden years covered. So, whether your furry colleague is dreaming of chasing tennis balls, mastering the art of napping, or finally conquering the squirrel kingdom, we're here to make sure their retirement is as wag-tastic as their working years. So, grab your dog resume, and let's get ready to roll over into the world of retirement at Big House K9!

Available Retirees

Welcome to the "Available" section of Big House K9's retirement program – where the fun never grows old, but our K9s do! Just like the comfiest dog bed, our retirement spots are limited but oh-so-cozy. Think of it as the canine equivalent of a beachfront retirement villa, minus the sunscreen. Whether your pup wants to spend their days chasing tennis balls, perfecting the art of belly rubs, or simply enjoying the breeze through their fur, we've got a golden spot waiting for them. Hurry, because these vacancies are in high demand, and who wants to be the last pup at the paw-ty? Join Big House K9 and make retirement the bark-tastic experience your furry friend deserves!

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