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Paws With Purpose

Welcome to "Paws with Purpose" at Big House K9, where our canine companions go beyond the ordinary to bring joy, support, and assistance to those in need. Our service dogs are meticulously trained to provide invaluable aid to individuals with disabilities, ensuring a seamless partnership that enhances both independence and companionship. Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) from Big House K9 offer unwavering comfort and emotional well-being, providing a soothing presence that transcends words. Therapy dogs here embody the healing power of canine connection, spreading warmth and happiness in hospitals, schools, and communities. Our Facility dogs are the heartbeat of specialized environments, offering a unique blend of comfort and assistance to those in various professional settings. At Paws with Purpose, each pawprint tells a story of dedication, compassion, and the incredible bond between humans and their four-legged heroes.


  • Trained to help ONE specific person.

  • Trained for specific tasks to aid their handler in managing their specific disabilities. Some examples are PTSD, Seizure Alert, Diabetic Alert, Mobility, Blind, etc.

  • Not Just for Physical Disabilities

  • Typically trained by professional dog trainers, but it is possible to self train Service Dogs with the right help.

  • Protected by the ADA. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from discrimination.

Behold Marley, the impeccably trained service dog proudly sporting his vest in front of the impressive Big House K9's residence owned by Brandon. Marley exudes professionalism and dedication, embodying the exceptional training provided by Brandon. This captivating image captures the bond between a skilled service dog and his owner, showcasing the commitment of Big House K9 to top-tier canine training services.

What's The Difference?

Behold a captivating image featuring an Emotional Support Animal from Big House K9. This devoted canine companion radiates warmth and comfort, embodying the essence of emotional support. With a gentle demeanor and soulful eyes, this four-legged friend stands as a symbol of companionship and therapeutic connection. Witness the powerful bond between humans and their Emotional Support Animals, exemplifying the compassionate services provided by Big House K9.


  • No specific training

  • Not trained for specific tasks

  • Provide emotional comfort and support

  • Prescribed by Mental Health Professionals

  • Not protected by the ADA

  • Generally allowed in housing with a no-pet policy and during air travel


  • Serves at one/many locations but many people.

  • Schools, Police Departments, Dentist Office, Health Clinics, Crisis Centers, Psychologist office, court houses, etc.

  • Most facilities require specific insurance policies

  • Obedience trained and passed Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC)

  • Can self train or use a professional trainer

Meet Finley, the dedicated Facility Dog at Big House K9, supporting call center workers at Solari Crisis Call Center in Arizona. Finley plays a vital role in destressing these professionals, offering comfort and companionship during challenging moments. As an integral part of the team, Finley contributes to creating a supportive environment, fostering resilience among call center workers handling the Arizona suicide line. His presence brings a unique form of assistance, enhancing the well-being of those committed to providing crucial mental health support. Discover how Finley makes a meaningful impact at Big House K9 in partnership with Solari Crisis Call Center.
Captured in this heartwarming image is a gentle therapy dog, a lovable Goldendoodle, radiating compassion and comfort. With a warm and welcoming demeanor, this canine companion embodies the essence of therapeutic support. Their friendly gaze and soothing presence make them the perfect four-legged ally for those seeking emotional solace. Experience the calming energy of our Goldendoodle therapy dog, a beacon of joy and serenity for individuals in need.


  • Serves at different locations and helps many people.

  • Can visit schools, hospitals, library's etc.

  • Obedience trained and passed Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC)

  • Can self train or use a professional trainer

  • Works under a bigger organization

  • Certified by recognized organizations, such as Therapy Dogs International (TDI) or the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD)

  • Volunteer Work

Paws With Purpose Program at BHK9

Welcome to the Paws with Purpose Program at Big House K9 – your gateway to finding the perfect Service, ESA, Therapy, or Facility dog. Secure your priority pick spot in our service litters with an 800.00 non-refundable reservation, ensuring you get the best-suited puppy. We prioritize your success by reserving spots on our waitlist for potential future service, therapy or facility dogs at no extra cost. ESA dogs do not apply for the Paws With Purpose Program! Our program emphasizes fairness; you can only choose from recommended pups to guarantee the best candidate for your needs.


To qualify, verification from a trainer or, for facility dogs, approval from the place of employment is required. We offer up to two options for selection, allowing you to pass once before moving to our standard Master List.


Join our Paws with Purpose Program and embark on the journey to a purposeful partnership with a canine companion.

We understand the unique role that service, therapy, facility, and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) play in enhancing lives. Whether you're seeking a dedicated companion for support, a therapy dog to bring comfort, a service dog for specific tasks, or an ESA to provide emotional well-being, our goal is to match you with the perfect working dog for your individual needs. To help guide you in this important decision, we've crafted a quiz below. By answering a few simple questions, you can gain insights into which type of working dog may be the ideal fit for you. At Big House K9, we believe in the transformative power of the human-canine bond, and we're committed to helping you find a four-legged partner that will make a positive impact on your life. Take the quiz now and embark on the journey to discovering your perfect Paws With Purpose companion.

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