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Our Policies Explained

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Welcome to Big House K9 Policies, where transparency and clarity are at the heart of our commitment to you. Our policy page is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our processes and guidelines, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your journey with us. From the intricacies of our master reservation list to the final payment procedures, puppy selection details, and essential information about puppy pick-up and go-home arrangements, we believe in keeping you well-informed every step of the way.


At Big House K9, we prioritize your satisfaction, and our policies reflect our dedication to providing you with the best possible experience in welcoming a new canine companion into your home.

Master Reservation Lists

Effective January 2024

Some breeders opt for a reservation list dedicated to each litter, where buyers commit to a specific gender. If a buyer decides to wait for another litter, experiences a life event, or the preferred gender isn't available, they start at the very bottom of a different list.


While we used to follow this approach, we found it led to confusion and stress regarding puppy allocations, especially when litters had unexpected colors or genders. While it may be convenient for the breeder to know the litter's availability in advance, it doesn't necessarily benefit waiting families.


In our program, we've adopted a master reservation list per breed and size. This provides maximum flexibility for selecting the desired puppy without losing the reservation spot when changing litters or opting to wait. It's not uncommon for individuals to reserve a spot on our Master List well in advance, sometimes up to a year. Although the Master List may seem extensive, we may have litter availability sooner than expected. Trust the process!


While it may be unconventional, we believe it's the fairest approach and has proven successful for our program and families. If you have any questions about how our list works, feel free to reach out via phone or email.

An example of how our reservation process works

When a family places their non-refundable reservation ($500.00 Family Companion or $800.00 Paws with Purpose), they get put in the next available line on the selected master list. Our master lists are separated by specific breed and size. We do not separate our lists per gender, or generation.


For example:

            Petite Goldendoodle Master List

            Mini Goldendoodle Master List

            Moyen Bernedoodle Master List

            Golden Retriever Master List



Let’s use the fictional families Martin, Romeo, and Frank as examples. The Martin family places their reservation, followed by the Romeo and Frank families. They appear on our master list like this:


  1. Martin

  2. Romeo

  3. Frank


As the breeder, we always reserve the right to the first and second pick from each litter, so we will always appear ahead of all the families on the master reservation list. The Master list is more likely to look like this:


  1. BHK9

  2. BHK9  

  3. Martin

  4. Romeo

  5. Frank


Let’s say we have a litter of 5 born that fits your selected master list. We would go down our master list in order and send out an email to the Martin, Romeo and Frank families. You will need to respond within 48 hours if you would like to “PASS or PLACE” on the specific litter.


We the breeder would always hold the first two spots in the litter and then would offer the following picks to the following families:


  1. BHK9 Pick #1

  2. BHK9 Pick #2

  3. Email Martin tentatively Pick #3

  4. Email Romeo tentatively Pick #4

  5. Email Frank tentatively Pick # 5


Let’s say the Martin family would like to PASS on the available litter or didn’t respond to the email within the 48 hours. We then send the Martin family an email notifying them that their family will remain on the master list for a later litter.


*Please note you have the option to pass on an available litter ONCE without losing my placement on BHK9's Master List. However, if you choose to pass more than ONCE while on BHK9's Master List, you will forfeit your spot and be moved to an inactive status. It is your responsibility to inform BHK9 when you are ready to select a puppy and become active again on BHK9's Master List. Please note that you can only remain on the Inactive List for a maximum of ONE year before forfeiting your reservation fee entirely. Failure to respond to Litter Announcement emails regarding your name coming up on the list will be considered a "Pass."


Since the Martin family passed and decided that they want to wait for another litter, they remain on the master list under PASSED x Litter. The Romeo family would then move up in picking order in the litter list to pick #3, and then the Frank family moves up to pick #4. We would then have one available puppy in the litter. Our master list now looks like this:


  1. BHK9

  2. BHK9

  3. Martin *PASSED x Litter

  4. Romeo PLACED x Litter

  5. Frank PLACED x Litter


Let’s say you have selected to be PLACED on the available litter. You will receive an email with a link to pay your non-refundable Selection Fee for the specific litter. When the litter is 8-9 weeks old, we open the litter to the list for selection on Go Home Day. Your name does not get removed from our Master List until you take a puppy home or you are moved to our Inactive List.

How our Breeder Picks Work

Should we choose to utilize both of our breeder picks we will select our puppies. Then we tell the Romeo family they can pick. The Romeo family selects its puppy, and then the Frank family selects it’s puppy. So our litter list now looks like this:


  1. BHK9

  2. BHK9

  3. Romeo

  4. Frank



Should we choose to utilize only one of our breeder picks we will select our puppy. Then we tell the Romeo family they can pick as pick #2. The Romeo family selects its puppy, and then the Frank family selects it’s puppy at pick #3. So our litter list now looks like this:


  1. BHK9

  2. Romeo

  3. Frank




Should we choose NOT to utilize either of our breeder picks we will waive our pick spots. Then we tell the Romeo family they can pick as pick #1. The Romeo family selects its puppy, and then the Frank family selects it’s puppy. So our litter list now looks like this:


  1. Romeo

  2. Frank

  3. Available

  4. Available

  5. Available


*Please be aware that breeder selections occur only after completing temperament evaluations. We refrain from deciding whether to retain a puppy until we have gathered all the necessary information to make a final decision.

What if I change my mind after I have been placed on a litter list and paid my selection fee?

Should families reconsider and wish to rejoin the master list, they will regain their original position on the chosen master list but will forfeit the selection fee, unless the breeder determines that a puppy in the current litter doesn't meet the family's needs.


As a result, there are instances where, for example, with 12 people on the master list and 8 puppies in a litter, not all available puppies may be spoken for, as individuals often opt to wait for a future litter.


This underscores the importance of making reservations early, as it secures a higher position on the master list. Additionally, if you are flexible about your preferences for a puppy (e.g., specific size, gender, color), you may have the opportunity to acquire a puppy sooner, even if the master list appears to be full.

Breeders right to refuse sale

Please note that regardless of position on the reservation list, we retain the discretion to withhold a specific puppy from placement in a home if, in our judgment, it is deemed unsuitable for that particular home or situation. Despite the excellence of our families, there are instances where a puppy may not align well, and we will refrain from placing a puppy in a home we consider an inappropriate fit. We believe families entrust us with the breeding and upbringing of their puppies due to our experience and expertise. In rare cases where such a situation arises, we ask families to understand that we are applying our judgment and expertise to ensure the best outcome for both your family and the puppy.


During such occurrences, families will be given the option to choose from any of the remaining available puppies or remain on the master reservation list for a future litter. Please note that refunds of selection fee or reservation fee will not be issued if a family decides not to select a puppy from the remaining available puppies in current litter.


Furthermore, if ANY information surfaces that alters our assessment of a home's suitability for a puppy at any point before the family takes possession of the puppy, we reserve the right to decline the sale to that family. In such cases, we will refund any fees paid, deducting tangible expenses if incurred, as well as non-refundable reservation fee and non-refundable selection fee.

Non-refundable selection fee

The $1000.00 non-refundable Selection Fee is specific to the chosen litter and is not transferable to another litter. Should selection time come, and we (the breeder) feel that there is not a suitable puppy for your needs/lifestyle, we will then allow one transfer of your Selection Fee to the next available litter. *Please understand this is only good for ONE transfer if we, the breeder feel that there is not a suitable match after temperament evaluations.


The Selection Fee signifies your commitment to selecting a puppy from a specific litter. It covers the expenses associated with the efforts required to find a suitable home for the puppy at the last minute, should you decide not to proceed with the selection. Our goal is to ensure that every puppy finds a loving and suitable home. The process of finding, screening, educating, and coordinating with new homes at the last minute is both time-consuming and very costly.


Puppy selection takes place on Go Home Day when the puppies are 8-9 weeks old after temperament evaluations have taken place. Payment in full is required prior to taking a puppy home.


To ensure fairness among all families and maintain a proper order of selection, we request full payment before the scheduled puppy selection on Go Home Day, unless you plan to pay in cash. Once added to the reservation list, or shortly thereafter, we will send your invoice, allowing ample time for preparation and remittance. The form provides an option to indicate the intention to pay in cash on Go Home Day.


For electronic payments using debit/credit cards, please ensure timely submission to allow for clearance. To retain your position on the litter reservation list, electronic payments must be received by the specified dates. If electronic payment is not remitted by the given dates, the final payment must be made in cash. It's essential to note that the puppy will not be released without the final payment. There is a risk of not securing a puppy from the litter if your payment is not received in time, as electronic payments are not accepted on Go Home Day.


  • Payment by debit/credit card (when puppies are 7 weeks of age)

  • Payment by cash (by puppy selection day)

Due to the expense of processing, electronic payments will have a 3% service fee added. We apologize for this, and that is why we also accept cash if you want to avoid that fee. There is no fee added for payment by cash (except for sales tax yes, we report all cash for tax purposes).


You will also see Arizona State sales tax on your invoices.  

What if you don't find the desired puppy on Selection/Go Home Day, but have already paid final payment?

In such cases, payments can be transferred to another available puppy or litter that has availability. If no puppies are available or if you decide you would like to be placed back onto the master list, we will issue a refund, deducting the non-refundable reservation and non-refundable selection fee. Your name will stay on the master list for a future litter, initiating the process again.


As both breeders and professional trainers, our goal is not merely making a puppy sale but creating a perfect match for both you, the new owner, and our puppies. We prioritize ensuring the right fit for both, with temperament being crucial. Trust the process!


If, during your selection time, or with the available puppies/litters, we, as the breeder and professional trainers, believe there isn't a suitable temperament match, your selection fee will be transferred to the next available litter. Our focus is on guiding you and facilitating successful matches. Keep in mind that we specialize in this, emphasizing that the right temperament is more significant than looks or gender in choosing the best fit for your family.


All puppies go home on strict spay/neuter contracts (Reservation Agreements and Contracts, are to be signed in order for a family to be placed on the litter reservation list). Breeding rights are available to approved programs at an additional fee.


We will be in communication with you throughout your journey via email and our GroupMe group text after your reservation to keep you informed of upcoming litters. Once a litter in your selected master list is born and you decide to be placed on a litter list to select a puppy from a particular litter, we will send you a series of emails explaining how our process works, how to prepare for your puppy, how final payment can be made, how to sign up for Puppy Kindergarten, and what your tentative selection/Go Home date and time is (final times and placements go out a couple of days prior to scheduled go home date).


You will be given 30 minutes to select your puppy on Go Home Day. Puppy selection can be made in person or via phone/Zoom/FaceTime. We will provide our recommendations prior to or at time of selection.  


*Please be advised that we adhere to strict biosecurity measures to safeguard the well-being of your puppy. Depending on current disease conditions, we may have specific requirements and limitations for any visits including go home day. In the event of a known outbreak or other biosecurity risk, we may temporarily suspend all visitor access to prioritize the health and safety of our puppies. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we prioritize the health and lives of these puppies above our own conveniences. 

Puppy Pickup

​Puppy pick up takes place at time of selection on scheduled Go Home Day once the puppies are 8-9 weeks old. Pick up location is at Big House K9, address will be provided via email prior to scheduled Selection/Go Home Day.


Puppy Pickup for Out of State Families

If you live out of state, we offer selecting your puppy via phone/Zoom/FaceTime on the scheduled Go Home Day if you choose to not select in person. Puppies must be picked up within one week of scheduled Go Home Day. We will do our best to accommodate your travel plans.


Please confirm your pickup date and time with us PRIOR to making any airline or hotel reservations. Although we do our best to accommodate your travel plans, we do also own and operate a dog training business, as well as homeschool our children, so our schedule can get quite busy.


Puppies can be picked up in person at Big House K9, or If you are flying into an airport for same-day pick up, we are happy to meet you at one of our local airports, Sky Harbor or Mesa Gateway airport for a delivery fee of $50.00.


Please remember that we do not ship puppies as cargo, so if your puppy is traveling by air, someone must come in person to pick him/her up at our local airport. The puppy must have a purchased puppy ticket for in-cabin under the seat air travel. To facilitate the release of your puppy, we must receive written confirmation of the person designated to pick them up, ensuring a secure handover to the correct individual.​​

Pick up after 9 weeks 

We do not ship puppies as cargo. Families are responsible for pickup (curbside pickup only during covid restrictions). Puppies not picked up by the first Saturday following their 9-week birthday are subject to board and train charges at $55.00 per day. Please see your Puppy Agreement for further details. 

terms of service

Fees and payments are non-refundable and subject to the terms of the Reservation Agreement. Your Reservation is not final until we have received payment and you have signed the Reservation Agreement and Contract.


Prior to paying your reservation fee, please review our contract, as well as our reservation policies.


No refunds or cancellations, per your signed reservation agreement. Please see your Reservation Agreement and the Purchase Agreement Health Guarantee for further details.

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