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Our Pack

At Big House K9 the health, temperament, and well being of our breeding dogs is our top priority. We take all our breeding dogs into careful consideration, from health testing to temperaments, where they live, to vet care, even the food they eat.. This is just the first step of many to intentionally raising life changing puppies. Read below to see a few of the things we do that makes ALL the difference.


Health Testing

​Around 12+ months old we begin health testing.


  • OFA Hips (prelim and/or official) or

  • Pennhip with .5 or better

  • OFA Elbows

  • OFA Patellar Luxation

  • OFA Cardiac


  • Embark Genetic Testing is completed by 16 weeks old.

We do OFA preliminary hip screening and proceed according to score. OFA states that what we see at one year is indicative of what we will see at 2 years old at a 93.8% rate. We believe transparency is key to any business and ours should be no different. Our prelims are not listed on the OFA website. We are happy to provide a copy to you. For any questions regarding our health testing feel free to contact us.


Did you know that you can verify OFA health testing?

search at the top by Name or Registration Number

Temperament Matters!

All of our breeding dogs have amazing temperaments, and each of those amazing traits are passed on to our puppies. They are confident, eager to please, well mannered and have great nerve strength. Prior to entering our program every breeding prospect is evaluated using the following guidelines. Each of our breeding dogs are perfect family companion dogs first and foremost, living with either us or their perfect Guardian Families.


1. No unprovoked aggression

2. Not hand shy (submissiveness is ok!)

3. No panic without reasonable recovery

4. Motivated to work and please

5. Intelligent/high trainability

6. Accepts handling from strangers

7. Exhibits self-control and focus

8. Solid Nerve strength

9. Good confidence

10. Eye contact is a plus!

Daneesha Moana.JPG

Veterinary Care

Dr. Carly Meschino, DVM

Health is a top priority for us. Our breeding dogs receive exceptional veterinary care because they deserve nothing less. Dr. Carly, our dedicated veterinarian, plays a crucial role in our program.


She ensures the well-being of our breeding dogs and puppies, handling everything from routine check-ups and vaccinations to health testing, healing illnesses and injuries, responding to late-night or early-morning emergencies, and, unfortunately, guiding our beloved companions across the rainbow bridge when needed.


We consider ourselves fortunate to learn from one of the most skilled veterinarians in the state. Dr. Carly is not only a dear friend but truly excels at her craft. When it comes to the care of our breeding dogs, I wouldn't trust anyone else but the best, and Dr. Carly consistently exceeds our expectations.

Dr. Carly Meschino, DVM.png


BHK9's breeding dogs are all regularly groomed by either myself or a professional groomer. I happen to enjoy grooming our breeding dogs as it is a good time for me to be one on one with my dogs. I am able to have a stronger connection with each dog and they know and trust me which makes grooming so much easier on the dogs.


Grooming is essential for our dogs. I typically groom our poodles and doodles every 6-8 weeks and our golden retrievers are about every 10 weeks. I like to keep our poodles and doodles short during the hot summer months and a little longer during the winter months.

I absolutely love my Pupwell Kit! I have never used a better set in my 10 years in grooming dogs


For our pregnant and nursing moms we do not shave the belly as we do not want our moms belly to get cut and scratched by her puppies. Even though we trim the puppies nails weekly they are still super sharp so a little belly hair adds some protection.


Nursing moms in addition to extra calories also gets what we like to call Spa days! Each mom receives a daily butt bath, mastitis check, temperature check and an overall head to tail body exam to ensure our nursing moms are in tip top condition.

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The heart of our program

Welcome to the heart of our breeding program at Big House K9, where we take pride in introducing you to our exceptional Dams and Sires. These distinguished dogs form the cornerstone of our breeding endeavors, embodying the finest qualities sought in our beloved companions. Each Dam and Sire undergoes rigorous health testing, receives top-tier veterinary care, and is selected for their outstanding lineage and temperament. We invite you to meet these extraordinary members of our canine family, as they contribute to the legacy of producing beautiful, healthy, and well-tempered puppies that bring joy and fulfillment to the families they join.

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