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Planned Litters

Unveiling the Promise of Big House K9's Thoughtfully Planned Litters

This page will help you navigate our "Planned Litters".

We recommend joining our waitlist early, typically six to twelve months in advance. 

*Please note In order to preserve our breeding program, BHK9 reserves the right to 1st and 2nd pick from any and all litters.*

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Crafting Canine Legacies

Welcome to the Planned Breeding section at Big House K9. Explore our carefully considered breeding plans where you'll find information on our anticipated litters.


A confirmed breeding status will be marked when pairings are finalized. As responsible breeders, we adhere to a commitment to breed only when we secure a minimum of 4 reservations per litter, taking the dam's size into account.

Please be aware that timing may deviate from our initial expectations, as factors like heat cycles, successful pregnancies, and litter sizes are beyond our control.


Some planned litters are contingent upon the assumption of a perfect recovery from the previous litter or the completion and passing of health testing—elements thoroughly evaluated before the decision to proceed with breeding.


At Big House K9, the well-being of our dogs always takes precedence, and we prioritize their health above all else.

Future Paws

Please note that the mentioned dates are not final and are subject to change at any time. Pairings are not considered final unless explicitly marked * CONFIRMED. More litters will be added based on demand.

To preserve the BHK9 breeding program, the breeder reserves the right to 1st and 2nd pick from any and all posted litters.

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