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Meet the passionate individuals shaping Big House K9 – a dedicated family-led venture by Brandon Jonescu and Daneesha Jonescu, along with their wonderful children. With a shared commitment to excellence in canine care, this dynamic family brings expertise, compassion, and a love for dogs to the forefront of their endeavors. Discover the faces behind Big House K9, where a harmonious blend of expertise and familial warmth creates an exceptional environment for your canine companions.

Our Story

Hey Friends! We figure that if you're thinking about joining our family, we should introduce ourselves a little more. My name is Daneesha, and that handsome guy in the picture is my husband, Brandon, and those absolutely crazy adorable kids are Rhiannon, Chloe, Emma, Caleb and Maddox. Brandon and I met when I was in the 6th grade as I was his brothers best friend. Through high school Brandon joined a military school and we both went our separate ways dating other people. After Brandon returned from the Army we began dating, one thing led to another and 15.5 years and five children later here we are.


My husband Brandon is a combat veteran that has served in both the Army & Navy. After being medically retired in 2010 from a back injury and suffering PTSD, Brandon was faced with uncertainty. Everything he had known had been taken away from him, he could no longer do the things he had once done. He felt as if he had no purpose. That was until Molly, a deep red Golden Retriever from the Arizona Humane Society came along. Molly changed Brandon’s live and the lives of everyone she touched. Molly gave Brandon a reason to live and a reason to continue to fight his daily battles. Molly gave him the opportunity to learn about training service dogs and how just one dog can change someone’s life. Molly was Brandon’s purpose.


Before we became full time, Arizona doodle breeders we started and ran a successful local 501c3 non-profit organization, Heeling Heroes. Heeling Heroes provided service dogs to Veterans, First Responders and others with PTSD/TBI. Marrying a man with PTSD who came home from overseas with asthma, chronic bronchitis and finding out he was allergic to dogs got me looking into the hypoallergenic breeds, and that’s when we landed on the goldendoodle! You see my husband was not alone in his need for a more “hypoallergenic” dog as many of our veterans we worked with returned home with breathing problems as well.


As we spent countless hours researching and searching for these special dogs to be able to donate for service work we found them to be out of Heeling Heroes budget since we depended solely on donations. Since a golden retriever was already part of the family “Callie” we purchased an AKC Standard Poodle “Marley” to be able to produce a more allergy friendly breed option for the men and women in our program. Big House K9 was born out of a need to have access to Doodles.


Just like Molly was Brandon’s purpose she was also unknowingly mine. I never imagined myself being a dog breeder. Actually, my dream was to become a Labor & Delivery nurse. I started breeding dogs out of a need to help veterans find a dog that was hypoallergenic, little did I know that was just the beginning of my journey. I finally had found something that I was passionate about, that still allows me the time to spend homeschooling and raising my children. I mean what is better than building a family business raising life changing dogs? I didn’t realize the impact a dog can have on someone’s life until I experienced it myself with Molly. I have found my passion in being a badass breeder! I breed amazing puppies for YOU! You are my why. YOU are worth every sleepless night, every bit of stress, every tear of joy and every tear of sadness. You are worth it, your life is worth it. You Matter!


Heeling Heroes unfortunately closed down it's doors in June of 2020 due to lack of funding due to Covid-19. Big House K9 is honored to be able to continue to donate puppies for service work through our very own donation program Molly's Purpose! We are so very excited for the opportunity to give back to those who are in need of a service dog, as well as serving our community through facility and therapy dogs.

Where Tails Wag, Lives Transform 

From Our Hearts and Home to Yours- Big House K9

Meet The Breeders

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