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Our Program

The Big House Difference

Why work so hard to fit in when you were called to be set apart?
2 Cor. 6:17

Raised on a Curriculum

At Big House K9, we purposefully nurture puppies in accordance with their developmental milestones, aiming to empower them rather than enable. Our goal is to send them off with confidence in a safe world, trust in people's kindness, and a friendly disposition toward other dogs.

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Responsibly Planned Litters

Each of our breeding dogs undergoes extensive health testing prior to being bred. These test results can be found in their individual profiles. This saves both of us, the breeder and the new puppy family, serious potential heartache. Our testing includes hip & elbow radiographs, patella (mini/toy) exam, heart and eye exams submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as well as genetic disease panels. This ensures that your puppy will be clear of any testable genetic diseases. We know each parents' temperaments very well and also consider what would make the most well-balanced puppies.

Mom Care

From the moment our mothers are bred, they receive attentive care from their guardian homes or our family, along with extra nourishment and, most importantly, extra LOVE! We confirm pregnancy via ultrasound 30 days after the initial breeding. As the time approaches for them to give birth, they move to the Dood Ranch early to settle in comfortably. To us, each mother is unique, with specific needs – whether it's extra cuddles during nursing, private fetch time, hand-fed breakfasts, or companionship throughout the day. We're there to provide whatever they require. If a mother faces challenges with her puppies or postpartum recovery, we offer full support and prioritize her well-being, even reconsidering future breeding if it's in her best interest. The health of our mothers always takes precedence over breeding.


Monitored Whelping

Each whelping we undertake is a unique and serious responsibility. Ensuring the safe arrival of the puppies we create is our top priority, no matter the effort required. Our mothers receive continuous monitoring in the days leading up to delivery, and this vigilance continues around the clock after the puppies are born, all to ensure everyone's safety. Witness the remarkable process as we warmly welcome a new litter of puppies into the world.

Witness the Miracle of Life

Experience the miracle of life with our live puppy birth video, where you can witness the awe-inspiring moment when one of our moms brings her adorable puppies into the world. Join us as we share the joy, wonder, and love of this extraordinary event.


Touch Tolerance

At BHK9 we feel raising puppies that are tolerant to touch is extremely important. So important that our puppies begin gentle handling exercises at just 3 days old. Our puppies are held close to our face and our heart. By the time our puppies are 3 weeks old they begin handling exercises. We call these exercises the " 10 Step Touch". These handling exercises start very gently and over time pressure is increased to help build touch tolerance. Although not all puppies truly enjoy being touched this helps with tolerance. Touch Tolerance is a trait that we evaluate during our Temperament Evaluations.

Early Neurological Stimulation
Early Scent Introduction

From the 3rd day of birth to the 16th day each puppy is introduced to the Super Dog Bio Sensory Program (Early Neurological Stimulation). This program stimulates each puppy to be calmer in stressful situations though various techniques. We believe this program gives each family a puppy that is a better puppy and a better adult. We do Early Scent Introduction (ESI) in addition to ENS. ESI enhances each puppies' ability to identify and react to specific scents. Each puppy is introduced to 1 new scent each day for a total of 13 new scents. ESI helps build nose awareness as well as helps build confidence and stability in each puppy.

BHK9 Puppy Prep Academy

​Additionally, all our puppies, whether they are destined for family homes or as Emotional Support Animals (ESA), Therapy, Facility, or Service dogs, receive training through The BHK9 Advanced Service Curriculum. Wondering what this curriculum entails? Think of it as puppy school. BHK9 Puppy Prep Academy, is a fundamental part of our daily puppy-rearing process. We use a combination of protocols from Puppy Culture and Avidog, along with our customized methods and training at BHK9. This unique approach is what sets our puppies apart. Explore some of the activities we engage in with our puppies!


Crate Conditioning
Introduction to Potty Training

It's loud, messy and extra work - but it's so worth it! Our puppies are all started on crate conditioning at 4 weeks old. Though we cannot guarantee it as every puppy is different, many puppies sleep through the night in their crates the first night in their new homes! All of our puppies begin their potty training journey at just 3 weeks old when we introduce the potty tray with alfalfa pellets. We do not use dog doors at BHK9 as we live in the country. Puppies are NOT fully potty trained, but we get them well on their way!

Documentation Matters! (1).png

Be Intentional!

Everyday, we spend intentional time with EVERY puppy, and document their reactions to various activities and stimuli. As they age, we are able to track their progress and understand what makes every puppy unique. By the time they are ready for Go Home Day at 8/9 weeks, we have a huge amount of information about each puppy to be able to match them to their perfect family!

Weekly Pupdates

Once your little bundle of fur makes its debut, get ready to join our exclusive group text extravaganza via GroupMe. This is where we'll work our magic in the world of group communication. Additionally, keep an eagle eye on your inbox because you're in for a treat – we'll be sending you weekly 'pupdates' that spill the beans on your pup's developmental milestones for the week. Expect curriculum videos, adorable photos of your litter, and much more on our litter page. We're on a mission to capture these life changers in action, and this is our hub for sharing the joy! There's a ton to discover about them, and we're thrilled to walk every step of the journey with you, their furever families!

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We are committed to the life long success of our puppies. We believe this is best accomplished not only by the work we do in raising our puppies but also by preparing, educating our families before the puppy even goes home. We have a Puppy Prep Academy online course to ensure that every family is prepared to bring their puppy home.


Veterinarian Checked & Cleared

Our adorable furballs go through the full puppy treatment – a thorough check-up, age-appropriate vaccinations administered by a licensed Vet, and even a touch of high-tech glam with microchipping. They'll arrive with a Canine Health Certificate that's their golden ticket to good health, along with copies of their vaccination records and a deworming diary that's the envy of the canine world. We take their well-being seriously, so you can enjoy every wag-tastic moment with peace of mind.

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Each of our puppies are microchipped and registered through AKC ReUnite. We are always listed on their microchip registration in the event they cannot reach you. We never want one of our puppies lost.

2 Year Health Guarantee

Our pups come with a "pawsome" two-year written health guarantee contract – it's like a canine warranty, but without the fine print! And just to make sure they have a worry-free start, we throw in 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion. It's like a "puppy insurance plan," so you can relax knowing your new puppy is protected.

Sample BHK9 2023 Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee.png
Go Home Bag.png

Go Home Bag

Our puppies come prepared to dazzle you with a tail-wagging go-home package that makes their transition a walk in the park. Inside, you'll find a scented (to litter) blanket to keep them cozy, a leash and collar combo, toys that'll make them zoom, treats to sweeten the deal,  essential records, and training tidbits to ensure you both speak the same language. It's the puppy equivalent of a red carpet welcome!

Temperament Evaluations

We want to pair our puppies with the perfect family for them, one that understands their individual personality and needs. Temperament Evaluations are done at 7.5 (moyen and standard) and 8.5 (mini) weeks old prior to puppy selection. Every family will receive each individual puppy's evaluation video as well as scorecard. This information is essential in ensuring we are honoring our puppies and families and being their voice in their placement.



Our job isn't done until your puppy is safely in your arms - even if you're on the other side of the country! We offer air transport options - where puppies will ALWAYS be with one of our trained staff members and never shipped. We also off airport drop off service. Click the link below to read more about this option.

Lifetime Breeder Support

​When we say we offer lifetime breeder support - we really mean it. We don't care if it is in the middle of the night, a Holiday weekend, etc. - call us! We don't care if your dog is 14 and you have question - call us! This is what we are here for! We do not stop caring for our puppies ever. Our puppies' families are our family, and we want to help you through every step of the way. Just ask the multiple repeat buyer families who have trusted us for years with their furry family members!

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