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Molly's Purpose

Molly's Purpose is Big House K9's donation program. We know firsthand how a dog can change lives. We know that it can often be a financial burden to purchase a puppy/dog and then have to put that puppy/dog through extensive training for service/therapy/facility work. this is the Jonescu Family's way of giving back to those in need. Big House K9 is honored to be able to donate puppy's/dogs for service/therapy/facility work to those in need.

Unleashing Potential: Molly's Purpose Puppies and the Journey to Professional Canine Careers

Each Molly's Purpose puppy's have demonstrated to have an aptitude for the above careers. However, additional training is required before the puppy may be able to successfully work in any of those roles. BHK9 provides no guarantee that your puppy will pass any or all of his/her training. The nominee is responsible for acquiring proper training for a Molly's Purpose dog. BHK9 does require proof of a trainer prior to placing a Molly's Purpose dog. 

Meet Molly

the Paws Behind the Cause

In 2014 this red beauty was surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society for unknown reasons. Molly came into our lives at the age of two. She was taken in by a local service dog organization that provides service dogs to combat veterans. After an in depth interview process Brandon was donated Molly on January 16, 2014. Brandon and Molly were the perfect team. They spent the next year in training for Molly to become Brandon's PTSD/TBI Service Dog. To say this girl changed his life is an understatement. You see Molly came into Brandon's life with a purpose. Molly gave Brandon a purpose to live and to keep fighting past his PTSD. Molly and Brandon worked very hard to become the best team they could be, he fought to get up everyday to train but Miss Molly wouldn't take no for an answer. The days that Brandon struggled to just get out of bed here would come Molly with a wet gentle nudge of her nose under his hand or arm she gave him a purpose to get up, a purpose not even I could give.


Molly gave Brandon a purpose to start a non-profit to "pay it forward" to other Veterans and First Responders who suffer daily just like he does. Molly was the answer to many of my prayers for my husband. She touched so many lives, lives that needed her even if it was just for a moment in time. Everywhere we went she was bound to be the center of attention dropping to the floor for belly rubs. Molly gave me a purpose in life, something that goes beyond just me and my family. A purpose to begin breeding to help others in need. Molly lived with us as Brandons service dog and our best friend for 7 amazing years before she was officially retired. Upon her retirement we made the extremely difficult decision to gift Molly to a family member who was in need of some Molly love herself. Molly served as an Emotional Support Animal for our friend for a year. A year of pure joy, and love. On June 15, 2021 Molly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge after her battle with cancer. Molly is loved and thought about daily. Molly is the purpose behind BHK9, the purpose my husband is alive today and the purpose behind our mission of changing lives. 


We will love you forever Molly you have left pawprints on our hearts!.


Functionality You Will Love


Financial & Physical Care

Do you the applicant or the person/family you are nominating have the ability to financially and physically care for a Molly's Purpose Dog from BHK9? *vet care, food, grooming, exercise, training*


Time, Dedication & Patience

Do you the applicant or the person/family you are nominating understand training takes time, dedication and patience?


True Need?

Is there a true need for a Molly's Purpose Dog from BHK9?


Realistic Expectations

Do you the applicant or the person/family you are nominating have a realistic understanding of what can be trained? Task training is what sets a part an ESA from a Service Dog



Pawsome Beginnings

All Molly's Purpose Puppy's come directly from BHK9 where they are raised on an advanced service dog curriculum, and are temperament evaluated at 7-8 weeks.


Must Live in Continental US

Applicant or person/family you are nominating must live within the continental United States


Selected By BHK9

Molly's Purpose Puppy's will be selected by BHK9 based upon the Puppy Aptitude Test and their ability to perform the tasks needed.


First Time Recipient

Applicant or person/family you are nominating must not have received another donated puppy/dog from another breeder/organization


Full Disclosure

Applicants must disclose all requested information


Pawticipation Required

Arizona Locals, Pawticipation Required!Join BHK9 Training sessions to unlock the full potential of Molly's Purpose puppies. Our program insists on our professional guidance—no self-training allowed.


No Unaltered Pets

Applicant or person/family you are nominating must not have any unaltered dogs in the home.

Molly Heeling Heroes.JPG

Discover Purpose

Are you or someone you wish to nominate in need of a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Facility Dog or an Emotional Support Animal -ESA to give you or someone you know a purpose again?


We welcome you to apply for a Molly's Purpose puppy/dog!


Everyone has a story worth

We’re looking forward to hearing your story!

 Along with your application we ask for a video explaining why you or the person/family you are nominating is in need of a Molly's Purpose Puppy/Dog. Please tell us your story and how this puppy/dog can change your life or the life of the person you are nominating. 

What's Next

After we have received your completed application as well as a video our team will review it and we will contact you for the next steps. 

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