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Getting Started

Your Puppy Journey Begins Here!

Embarking on the journey to bring a new canine companion into your home is a significant decision, and we want to ensure it's the perfect fit. At Big House K9, we're committed to transparency, responsible breeding practices, and creating lasting connections between families and our exceptional dogs. Before diving into the process, take a moment to explore if we align with your values and expectations. Discover if Big House K9 is the right breeder for you, where our dedication to the well-being and happiness of our dogs resonates with your vision of a lifelong, loving partnership.

Before You Begin Cover.png

Hold Up wait a minute...

At BHK9, selecting the ideal puppy for you and your family holds paramount importance. We strongly encourage you to acquaint yourself with us, ensuring that we align as the perfect breeder for your family, before embarking on this journey.

Health Guarantee Cover.png

A Tail-Wagging 2-Year Health Guarantee!

We strive to ensure transparency and clarity at every step of our process for families. It is essential that you fully comprehend the terms outlined in our 2-year health guarantee before moving forward. Kindly click to review our contract for detailed information.

Complete Application Cover.png

Comprehensive Puppy Application

We understand that our application may seem extensive, but rest assured, it is designed to be thorough, ensuring that we gain valuable insights into your family dynamics, specific needs, and preferences. This comprehensive approach enables us to match you with the perfect puppy that aligns with your desires.

To begin your journey with us, take the time to explore our website, delve into the 'Big House K9 Difference,' and check out our 'Pricing Page.' If you find yourself excited about the prospect of adding one of our exceptional pups to your family, proceed to the 'Application' page. Here, you'll be prompted to complete and submit the application for our review.Once you've submitted your puppy application, expect to receive an email from us within 48 hours to coordinate a Zoom meeting. It's important to note that completing an application does not guarantee approval for a puppy. We reserve the right to deny applications if we believe we may not be the right breeder for your specific needs.

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At BHK9, we want to get to know you. Our puppy buyers are far more than just clients; they become part of the BHK9 family. We'll schedule a time for a Zoom consultation to talk and gain an overall idea of what you're looking for, determining if we are the right breeder for you. If both parties feel we are a great fit for one another, we will then send out a follow-up email with details on how to proceed with placing your reservation.

Reserve Your Spot.png

Securing your spot

Following our Zoom meeting, reservation fees are secured if both parties agree it's a perfect match. To join our Master List, complete our Reservation List Agreement Form and submit a non-refundable fee of $500 for pet placements or $800 for service, therapy, facility and breeding placements. While non-refundable, these fees are transferable to future litters. Please note the reservation fee is applied towards the final puppy priceBHK9 is committed to placing puppies in homes that align with our high standards. Upon receiving your puppy application and reservation fee, you'll be added to BHK9's Master List. In the meantime head over to explore the comprehensive breeding policies at Big House K9, where transparency meets trust. Dive into our master reservation list process, understand final payment details, navigate puppy selection guidelines, and access vital information on puppy pick-up and go-home arrangements. Our commitment to clarity ensures a seamless experience, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction. Discover the roadmap to bringing a new canine companion into your home with the assurance of well-defined breeding policies at Big House K9.

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The most challenging aspect is the waiting period. While waiting, be sure to join our private GroupMe for updates on planned litters, heat cycles, and litter progress. Once a litter aligns with your selected Master List, we progress through the list and extend positions for the litter. Upon receiving our "Pass or Place" email, kindly respond within 48 hours to secure your spot or pass for a future litter. If no response is received within this timeframe, we will continue down our Master List, potentially affecting your position in the current litter. As you anticipate the arrival of your puppy, take advantage of our comprehensive training course designed to prepare you for the exciting moment of bringing your new companion home. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your success from the very start, and completion of this course is required before bringing your new puppy home.

confirmation and arrival.png


Upon confirming a pregnancy with a litter that includes selected Master List puppies, you will receive an email containing all the details (please note this doesn't guarantee a placement on the list yet). Once the litter is born, and the number of available puppies is determined, we will proceed down the specific Master List, sending an email to each family based on the number of puppies available. For instance, if there are 10 puppies born, we will email the first 8 families on our Master List.


It's important to note that BHK9 always reserves the first two spots in each litter for breeders/donation puppies/service/therapy/facility work, at our discretion. In cases where BHK9 doesn't hold back puppies, these spots will be opened up for the current Master List holders. You'll have 48 hours to confirm your response to the "Pass or Place" email, securing your position on the Litter List in accordance with the Master List order.

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Once confirmation is received, you will then be granted access to our private litter page and a private litter group text (GroupMe). BHK9 will regularly post pictures and videos of the puppies, providing weekly updates on developmental milestones and expectations.


At 4 weeks old, families on our litter list are invited to participate in a virtual Visitation Day, offering a firsthand look at the adorable pups.

Selection & go home.png

the moment you have been waiting for!

Selection & Go Home Day always happens on the Saturday after the puppies turn 8 weeks old for Moyen & Standards, and 9 weeks old for Minis, Petites & Toys to accommodate all families traveling from out of state.


All evaluations will be emailed to you prior to Selection & Go Home Day to allow you time to reflect on which puppies would best fit your needs. BHK9 will give suggestions on what we feel would match your needs, but the final decision is up to you/your family.


BHK9 encourages you to have a list of your top three to four puppies for Go Home Day. You and your family will be given a 30 minute time slot based on the order of the assigned position on BHK9's Litter List to choose your puppy. After making your selection you will then be able to take your puppy home.

lifetime support.png

Everlasting connection

At Big House K9, our commitment to our extended family goes beyond the placement of a puppy. With our Lifetime Breeder Support, we are dedicated to being a consistent and reliable resource for all our puppy parents. Whether you have questions about training, health, or any aspect of your canine companion's well-being, we're here to provide guidance and support throughout their entire life journey.


Your relationship with Big House K9 doesn't end on go home day—it's a lifelong partnership built on trust, care, and the shared joy of having a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted family member.

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