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In the Jonescu Family portrait, each member including Brandon Jonescu and Daneesha Jonescu faces away, encapsulating a powerful symbol of resilience and forward momentum. The image beautifully conveys a collective commitment to embracing the future, leaving behind the past with a shared determination to move confidently towards new horizons.

Welcome To The Dood Ranch

At Big House K9, we take pride in providing our puppies with a loving and nurturing environment right inside our own home, where they grow and thrive alongside our family. We invite you to step into our world and take a peek at The Dood Ranch, the heartwarming haven where BHK9 puppies are raised. Here, you'll witness the care, dedication, and commitment that go into ensuring each pup's well-being and early development. Join us in this heartwarming journey and discover the place where our puppies begin their lives, surrounded by love and attention, setting the foundation for their future as cherished family members. Welcome to The Dood Ranch!


Birth - 4 Weeks

Welcome to the Big House K9 Puppy Playground, a vibrant canine haven featuring a giant purple caterpillar tunnel, a paw print puppy pool, a playful blue bridge, and a thrilling slide, among other engaging outdoor curriculum items. Our spacious and well-equipped puppy play area promises endless fun and stimulation for your canine companions, fostering a dynamic environment for their growth and enjoyment.

Outdoor Puppy Playground

5+ Weeks


4 Weeks - Go Home

Explore the spacious Big House K9 Go Home Area and Curriculum Room, seamlessly integrated in our thoughtfully converted garage. This multifunctional space is designed to provide a comfortable and engaging environment for your canine companion, fostering a balanced blend of relaxation and learning experiences.

Curriculum/ Go Home

4 Weeks - Go Home

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