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Elevate your breeding program with Sonny, the charismatic Goldendoodle from BHK9. A picture-perfect blend of intelligence and charm, Sonny is ready to bring excellence to your breeding endeavors. Consider adding a BHK9 puppy to your program and witness the infusion of superior genetics and delightful temperament. Explore the opportunity to enhance your breeding legacy with Sonny – contact us to embark on a journey of superior canine genetics.

Breeder Program

BHK9's Breeders Program is a program specifically designed for breeders. Whether you are looking for doodle puppies sold with breeding rights or simply looking for a health tested stud, BHK9's Breeders Program has what you are looking for! We believe in holding breeders to a higher standard which is why we are very selective on which breeders we welcome into our Breeders Program.

What We Offer

We are extremely happy to offer approved breeders the opportunity of purchasing a breeding BHK9 puppy from our amazing health tested lines! We know firsthand how hard it is to find puppies from health tested parents to start or expand your program.


We believe in ethical and responsible breeding and holding breeders to a higher standard. When you purchase a puppy from BHK9 you become part of the BHK9 Family. You are joining a family that truly cares and wants you to raise badass puppies.


We want to partner with you to ensure that you are equipped with a mentor, training, support and most of all a lifelong friendship. We know firsthand how hard breeding is, the ups and the downs. We want to stand beside you, to cheer you on in your successes, to be a shoulder to lean on when times are difficult.


Breeding is not all adorable puppies, with breeding comes trials and heartache, but know that when getting a BD4U Breeders Pick Puppy you do not have to face the struggles alone. You become part of our family!

Breeding Rights PRICING

*Sales tax will be added to price of puppy*

***Please note BHK9 does NOT reduce the price for older puppies as these puppies have more training/socialization, vaccines, vet care etc. Any available older puppy(s) will be posted in our Available Puppies section on our website.***

Steps To purchase Breeding Rights

Empowering Your Breeding Journey


Review Contract

Take a moment to carefully review our Breeders Pick Puppy Contract. Your thorough understanding of the terms outlined is crucial to ensure a smooth process moving forward. If you find yourself in agreement with the terms and conditions specified, kindly proceed to the next step of our journey together. Clear communication and adherence to these terms will contribute to a positive experience for both you and your new canine companion.


Schedule Virtual Interview

Following the 48-hour period post-application submission and approval, expect to receive an email notification regarding your advancement to our virtual interview process. Kindly respond with your preferred day and time, allowing us to coordinate a seamless scheduling of your virtual interview. We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your program.


Complete Application

Take the next step towards welcoming a new canine companion into your home by completing the Breeders Puppy Application. This essential form allows us to better understand your preferences and requirements, ensuring a seamless match between you and your future four-legged friend. Share your preferences, lifestyle, and expectations, guiding us in finding the perfect addition to your program. Begin the journey to a lasting companionship by filling out the Breeders Puppy Application today.


Next Steps

Upon approval, anticipate receiving an email that outlines the subsequent steps in our reservation process. This email will guide you through the Next Steps, providing clear instructions on how to secure your reservation seamlessly. Keep an eye on your inbox for important details to ensure a smooth and straightforward reservation experience.


Secure Your Spot

Secure your spot effortlessly by submitting the non-refundable reservation fee along with the completion of our Reservation Agreement Form. This simple process ensures your reservation is confirmed and allows you to move forward with confidence in securing your place. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to welcoming you.


Prep & Connect

Embarking on the exciting journey of waiting for your future canine companion to be born and nurtured can be both thrilling and anticipatory. Stay closely connected during this period by joining our exclusive GroupMe and private Facebook BHK9 Family page. These platforms offer a community where you can share the excitement, receive updates, and build connections with fellow soon-to-be pup parents. Additionally, take advantage of our exclusive Teachable course designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to welcome your BHK9 puppy into a loving home. Your journey with us is about to unfold, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Looking For a Stud?

Explore the opportunity to enhance your breeding program by utilizing our distinguished Sires. We are pleased to offer stud services to approved breeding programs, with the condition that they are not currently covering our own Dams. Click the button below to investigate further details about our esteemed Stud Services and take a step towards elevating your breeding endeavors.

Discover exceptional stud services with our health-tested and proven canine champions - Marley, Cooper, Gunther, Carter, and Phoenix. These distinguished males are available for breeding to approved females from external programs. Based in Arizona, we also offer convenient shipping options. Ensure the success of your breeding program by partnering with these top-quality studs. Contact us for further details and embark on a journey of excellence in canine genetics.
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