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 Meet Our Studs


Registered Name

Premiere Goldens Once In A Lifetime


Registered Name

Geller's Cooper


Registered Name

DJ's Beautiful Gunther of Wild Spirit


Registered Name

Mythos' Face of Valor


Registered Name

Phoenix of Beautiful Doodles 4 U

This is a list of our current and upcoming studs. Once each upcoming potential stud passes health testing they are officially entered into our program. We perform the following tests on all our studs: Full genetic panels- Embark, OFA eyes, OFA cardiac, OFA patellas (minis), and OFA elbows. Either Pennhip or OFA hips, we will occasionally do both. Health and Temperament are our priority as we focus on placing well rounded pups into families to change lives. If any portion of the health testing is failed Beautiful Doodles 4 U will not breed, instead dog will be neutered and placed into a pet home. Should we use an outside stud we will ensure all health testing is completed prior to breeding. 

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