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Behold the captivating image of the Big House K9, featuring a gathering of Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Golden Retrievers, and Aussiedoodles. This diverse canine ensemble showcases the charm and variety that defines Big House K9's premier selection of delightful, family-friendly breeds.

Our Breeds

Explore Our Exquisite Canine Companions

At Big House K9, we take immense pride in our carefully curated selection of dog breeds, each chosen for their unique characteristics and exceptional traits. Whether you're looking for the unwavering loyalty of a Golden Retriever, the playful nature of a Bernedoodle, or the intelligence of a Cavadoodle (Cavapoo), Goldendoodle or Aussiedoodle, our diverse canine family offers the perfect match for your lifestyle. Our dedication to responsible breeding ensures that our puppies are healthy, well-socialized, and ready to become cherished members of your family. Discover your ideal companion at Big House K9, where every breed has a story, and every story has a wagging tail.

Moyen vs Standard

Moyen simply means Medium in French. Another term you may hear is Klein which is also medium in German. The Moyen/Klein poodle is just a smaller Standard Poodle. A Moyen/Klein Poodle falls right in between the Miniature and the Standard size poodle. Although AKC doesn't recognize Moyen/Klein as a size it is very popular in Europe.


The picture shows the size difference side by side. Maui (Black Phantom) is a F1b Moyen Goldendoodle from Penny and Phoenix. Thor (Cream) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle from Libby (Retired) and Bentley (Retired).

Behold Thor and Maui, distinguished members of Big House K9's goldendoodle family, vividly illustrating the contrast between medium and standard-sized companions. Their presence captures the essence of size diversity within the goldendoodle breed, offering prospective pet parents a visual guide to select the perfect fit for their lifestyle.
Meet Moana, the future Big House K9 Goldendoodle momma. A perfectly sized Goldendoodle with an ideal temperament, she embodies service dog excellence, promising a harmonious blend of companionship and reliability in a medium-sized package.

What is a Hybrid Dog and are there any health benefits?

A hybrid dog combines the traits and characteristics of its purebred parents; with careful, conscientious breeding, the resulting pups may end up with the best attributes of each. Crossing purebred dogs of different breeds results in puppies that are healthier than either of their parents. This is because the two breeds are generally prone to different genetic problems. Hybrids such as the Goldendoodle or the Bernedoodle are only likely to inherit a health problem that is common to both the Poodle and the Golden/Bernese—two breeds that share few common diseases. Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles therefore have what is referred to as “hybrid vigor,” and can be expected to live healthier, longer lives than their purebred parents.

Health & Temperament

When reserving with BHK9, you are not simply securing a particular BHK9 puppy but actively supporting our mission by demonstrating your commitment to Big House K9. By choosing us as your breeder, you place your trust in our ability to provide you with a high-quality puppy. It's important to note that we do not prioritize color in our breeding practices. At BHK9, our primary focus is on cultivating healthy and well-tempered dogs. Consequently, we cannot guarantee specific coloring. While we will provide our best estimate regarding the expected coloration, please understand that there is no absolute assurance. We share this information with complete transparency, upholding our commitment to integrity as your trusted breeders.

Behold a charming Goldendoodle pup from Big House K9, frolicking amidst the picturesque fields of the farm. This adorable canine captures the essence of outdoor play, embodying the joy and vitality that define the heartwarming experience at Big House K9.
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