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There is nothing cuter than an 8-week-old puppy. But cute may not be much comfort at 3 a.m. when your newest family member is howling in his/her crate, and you have to be at work in a few hours. Young puppies need frequent potty breaks throughout the day/night. They need plenty of playtime and training on basic commands. These are non-negotiable if you want to end up with a happy, well-adjusted, obedient dog.


The four-week BD4U’s Imprinting Program can catapult you over the toughest part of the adjustment to life with puppy. Developed in response to repeated requests for us to keep pups “a little longer,” this has now become a very popular program. The fee includes board and training, as well as the second round of vaccines along with a training leash and collar.

At 8 weeks of age, puppies enrolled in the Imprinting Program are placed with one of our experienced—and incredibly patient—puppy trainers.


During that month, your pup will:

  • begin crate training

  • learn basic leash manners

  • gain an understanding of commands, such as “Sit,” “Stay,” “Take It,” “Leave It,” “Drop It” “Off,” “Come,” and walking on a leash.

  • practice calm focused behaviors where pups learn that they are held to a high expectation in order to receive their needs (food and affection). For example, puppies will learn to be calm and sitting before food is served.

Most puppies in this program go home knowing basic commands and are typically accident-free in the crate. Although every puppy is different, and some may not be mature enough at this age to fully master commands, early imprinting will lay the foundation for later obedience training and help the puppy learn very quickly once it is in your care.

There are usually other puppies and we always have adult dogs on site, so your pup will continue to learn bite inhibition and manners from good teachers: other dogs.

If you are worried about missing the critical bonding period with your pup, don’t be. Puppies are primed to learn and bond for the first 16 weeks of their lives, and even beyond. Your pup will quickly adapt to its new life when it joins you, and you’ll be ready to pick up the training baton, with the foundation already in place. We provide countless pictures and videos of the puppies during their stay with us. Locals are also encouraged to come visit during our scheduled puppy visitation time! 

Some people leave their pups with us even longer. We are flexible!


☐ 4 Week Board and Train  

☐ 2nd Puppy Vaccine given by our licensed Veterinarian

☐ Training Leash and Training Collar

☐ Training Treats

☐ 35lb bag of Puppy Food for full 4-week course while at BD4U

☐ 36in Wire Crate

☐ 30 Day supply of NUVET while at BD4U


BD4U’s Imprinting Program fee is $1000 for the full 4-week program. Puppy must be paid in full at the 8 week Go Home date. BD4U Imprinting Program payment can be paid in full at the time of board or can be paid in two installments of $500. The first payment will be due on date of board (8weeks) and the second payment of $500 will be due on Go Home Day at 12 weeks. 

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