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Behold an enchanting image capturing a serene moment in the life of a future therapy dog. Nestled in peaceful slumber, this K9 newborn exudes tranquility, promising a future of comforting companionship and unwavering support.


This is where you will find our Master Lists. Families are placed on ONE Master List after placing the non-refundable reservation fee. Families are placed on the Master list selected on the Reservation Agreement form. Each family is placed based on the date of reservation fee received (and/or date of request, if you choose to switch Master lists at any point). 


Please Note: BHK9 holds the first two picks out of every litter. BHK9 reserves the right to use any of its picks in any form or fashion without restriction (including auctioning off the spot to those on the list and wait list).

BHK9 also reserves the right to replace itself with a client that chooses to remove oneself from the list.

Inactive Master List

This is where families that have paid their reservation fee, but are not ready for a puppy are listed. Families can only remain on our Inactive Master List for ONE year, after one year non-refundable reservation fee will be forfeited and you will be required to place a new reservation fee to be placed back onto a Master List.  

Inactive Master List

  1. TARA K. (P) 6-19-2022

  2. YVETTE S. (P) 12-27-2021

  3. CASSIDY W. (P) 6-18-2022

  4. ROSS K. (P)  10-5-2022

  5. JULIANN G. (P) 10-26-2022

  6. C. BUSTAMANTE (P) 12-6-2022

  7. DOMINIQUE I. (P) 12-6-2022

  8. VERONICA L. (P) 1-23-2023

  9. TERRI C. (P) 4-6-2023

  10. STEPHANIE T. (S) 5-5-2023

  11. DEBBIE W. (P)*** 5-10-2023

  12.  JANE H. (P) 6-20-2023

  13.  LESLIE H. (P)** 9-27-2023

  14. EMILY S. (P)* 9-27-2023

  15. NINA M. (P)** 9-27-2023

  16. AYANNA T. (P)** 9-27-2023

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