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Ember & Cooper's
Roasted with love Litter


Litter Details

Date of Birth: 6-24-2024

Virtual Visitation: 7-27-2024

Go Home Day: 8-31-2024

Litter List

1. BHK9

2. BHK9

Go Home Details

Go Home Day


1. BHK9 10:00 AM
2. BHK9 10:45 AM

3. OPEN 11:30 AM

4. OPEN 12:15 PM

5. OPEN 1:00 PM

6. OPEN 1:45 PM

Watch Us Grow

Watch Us Grow" is our delightful Dropbox album featuring a heartwarming visual journey of our adorable puppies, capturing their moments from birth until go home. The carefully curated collection showcases their growth, playful antics, and unique personalities. The use of Dropbox makes it easy to share and enjoy these precious moments, creating a virtual window into the enchanting world of puppyhood.


Your GroupMe litter-specific group text is a lively hub where everyone on the litter comes together. It's a space for sharing updates, cute photos, and coordinating practical details like important updates. The group fosters a warm and supportive community, creating a digital bond among those dedicated to the well-being of the adorable litter.

Puppy Prep Course

Your Puppy Prep Course on Teachable is a comprehensive guide to help families prepare for the arrival of their new puppy. Covering essential topics like behavior, training, nutrition, and health care, the course is designed for a user-friendly experience. Families can learn at their own pace, ensuring they feel confident and well-equipped to provide a loving home for their furry friend.

Order Puppy Food

In our "Order Puppy Food" section, we emphasize the significance of nutrition for your puppy. A direct link is provided for you to easily order the specific food your puppy has been accustomed to. To prevent stress-related gastrointestinal issues, we recommend maintaining the same food for a minimum of 9 weeks during the transition to their new home. This ensures a smoother adjustment and promotes your puppy's overall well-being.

Our Puppy Gender Chart is a handy tool for families anticipating the arrival of their new canine family member. This visual aid simplifies the identification of each puppy's gender, ensuring a smooth and memorable selection process on the go-home day. With a quick glance at the chart, families can confidently match the adorable personalities of our puppies with their preferred gender, fostering a seamless transition into the joys of pet parenthood. Explore this user-friendly guide to enhance the excitement of welcoming your newest four-legged addition.
Stay updated on your future furry family member's growth with our Puppy Weight Progress picture! This visual record allows families to track the development of each adorable pup in the litter. Watch as the numbers on the scale reflect the healthy and happy milestones of your soon-to-be new companion. Our Puppy Weight Picture provides valuable insights into the well-being of each pup, ensuring you stay informed and connected with your future four-legged family member's journey from tiny bundles to cherished companions.

Embark Genetic Panel

Each puppy comes with their own Embark genetic test which predicts adult size based on their DNA, but please make sure to keep in mind that Embark does typically overestimates on predicted weight. Typically genetic weight is ~10lbs higher than actual weight.













Virtual Visitation Link & Recording

Virtual Family Visitation Day

11-11-2023 @ 1PM AZ Time

Meeting ID: 212 854 3638

Password: BHK9

BD4U Puppy Prep Academy

Welcome to our Curriculum Videos section! Here you can watch your puppies grow and develop as they explore their environment and learn important skills. We have been recording videos since the puppies were born, so you can watch their progress from the very beginning. We strive to capture at least three videos a week to keep you up to date on the puppies' development. Each video will give you a glimpse into their journey as they explore, learn, and play. We hope you enjoy following along with your puppies' growth!

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Temperament Testing Explained

Temperament Evaluations

Nightmare Before Christmas Evaluations